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Sara Adelman, DVM, MS

Joining the Vet Vision Center in

September 2024!

Dr. Shelby and the Vet Vision Center Team are incredibly excited to welcome Dr. Sara to Bucks Country and beautiful Lambertville!  Starting September 2024, we will be increasing our available appointments and hours, and offering Friday appointments.  Stay tuned for future updates and communications regarding our expanded offerings!

About Dr. Adelman:

Dr. Sara Adelman received her DVM and MS from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2018 and will be completing a residency program in comparative (veterinary) ophthalmology at the University of California – Davis in the summer of 2024. Her professional interests include glaucoma, ocular surface disease, and ophthalmic surgery. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Adelman enjoys gardening and spending time in nature with her Border Collie dog, Nell. She is originally from Wilmington, DE and is looking forward to moving back to the area!

Degrees & Certifications:

  • 2013 | Bachelor of Science (BS), Iowa State University

  • 2018 | Master of Science (MS), University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • 2018 | Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • 2019 | Internship, Small Animal Medicine & Surgery, VCA - Animal Specialty Group

  • 2020 | Ophthalmology Specialty Internship, Bluepearl Tampa

  • 2024 | Residency, Comparative Ophthalmology, University of California - Davis


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