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The Legacy of 

1530 Route 179 Lambertville, NJ 

Buddies Diner 2.jpg

Buddies Diner

Buddies Diner was established in 1954 by Buddy Williams and quickly became a local Lambertville favorite.  Crowds would gather for homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner - but they were really famous for the ice cream! Buddies Diner became an iconic destination for Lambertville and surrounding areas.

Buddies was sold and renovated in 2011 but closed just 2 years later.

Saddle Ridge Event Space

In 2016, the building converted to an event space where local businesses and residents would host community events, bridal showers, family reunions, and more. 

Saddle Ridge closed it's doors after a few years, and the property remained vacant until acquired for the future site of the Vet Vision Center.

saddle ridge.jpeg

The Renovation into the Vet Vision Center

Reno photos

The property at 1530 Route 179 has been renovated from the ground up into a 3400 square foot, boutique-style veterinary ophthalmology specialty practice.  Apex Design Build, a family-owned company located in Chicago, provided design, architectural, and construction services to create an advanced medical facility with a bohemian vibe.  Elevated design details are scattered throughout with attention paid to Fear Free principles of hospital design, efficiency of client and patient flow, and an abundance of natural light.  The Vet Vision Center has been designed to reach a new level of veterinary ophthalmology care. 



Final Project Photos

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