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Prescription Refill Request Form

Current clients may complete this form to request a refill of your pet's medications. Please allow at least 1 business day to process your refill request.  We'll contact you when it's ready, or if we have any questions!

If your medication was called into a compounding pharmacy, please contact them to request a refill.

Stokes Pharmacy: 800.754.5222

Wedgewood Pharmacy: 877.357.6613

You may also call the Vet Vision Center directly at (609) 418-EYES or email us at

How would you like to get your medications?
  • By law we must have examined your pet within the last year to refill medications.  We reserve the right to refuse medication refills beyond the required recheck date.

  • If the medication can be filled, our office staff will contact you for payment information and to confirm mailing address (if applicable).

  • If the medication cannot be filled, our doctor and/or office staff will contact you with what needs to be done prior to refilling your request.

Thank you for submitting!
Please allow 1 business day to approve and process the refill.
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