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Flushing out the truth!

In this Vet Vision Center blog, Dr. Shelby Reinstein, MS, DACVO is going to tackle a common question she receives..."Can I flush my pet's eye with contact solution?"

Why is this such a common question? lenses are used by millions of people every day...and as such, contact solution is a common item found in households.

Unfortunately, just because it is common does not mean it is the best option or even a safe option! While there are many types and brands of contact lens cleaners, most contain chemical additives (preservatives, buffers, wetting agents). While these chemicals are good for contacts and important in keeping them clean, they are NOT great for the eyes!

So what does Dr. Reinstein recommend? The over-the-counter Eye Wash solutions (or 0.9% saline solutions) are the preferred product for flushing out your pet's eyes. It's best to place a cloth or paper towel just below the eye to catch overflow, and gently rinse the solution over your pet's eye from above.

NOTE - never use “cleaning solutions" or anything containing hydrogen peroxide as they are super damaging to the eyes!

When in doubt, please contact your primary care veterinarian or the Vet Vision Center with eye related questions!

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